Courses in the LitPsy department

  • The Enneagram, an ancient personality system dating back to the Sufis, is gaining in popularity as a tool for personal transformation. This esoteric system, in the form of a 9-pointed geometric shape, helps us to identify the bias in our perceptions, note when we are under stress, and blossom into our best selves.

    In this two-day course we will learn the mechanics of the Enneagram system, and look at our writings to help identify our true types. We will then have interactive discussions about the stress, security, and wings of our type. Our hope is to continue as an explorative community online, with the goal of becoming healthy individuals.

    Please come to the first session prepared with a written answer to each of the six prompts listed on the syllabus.

  • Introduction to Psychology is a semester or full-year high school course. This survey class will blend theoretical and historical knowledge with personal exploration and interaction with the themes. Students will examine topics through readings, personal journals, online forums, and semester projects. This literature-based course will include fiction, memoir, theoretical writings, films, and scientific journals. The course will cover (1) Society and Difference: gender, identity, culture, and group behavior; (2) Abnormal Psychology and Adolescent Issues; (3) Freud, Psychoanalysis and 19th Century Women; and (4) The History of Psychological Theory and Treatment, from the Middle Ages to Neuroscience. A readings sample includes: "The Laramie Project"; "The Scarlet Letter"; "Girl, Interrupted"; "The Yellow Wallpaper"; "My Lobotomy"; "Harrison Bergeron"; and "Ordinary People." See the Course Syllabus.